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Thursday, January 23

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Friday, January 24

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Accounting Pre-Conference Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergBernd Hashagen • Heike Cossmann Administrative Assistants & School Secretaries Working Group Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergClaudia Arnold Admission Working Group Europa 2Jana Jazic • Allegra Peruzzi College and Careers Counsellors Working Group Africa 2Justin Sands • Rita Miller • Dejana Petricic • Harold Beck • Carin D’Souza EAL Working Group America 2Lionel Munoz • Aki Schwan • Sandeep Kumar Singh Early Years Working Group Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergCarol Breedlove • Hanna Vehkakoski Facilities Manager Working Group HannoverWolfgang Geuecke German as an integrated part of the POI Pacific 1Ina Ofer • Iris Kahnert-Moh IB 2020 Standards and Practices as a tool for programme development within a school Europa 1Margareth Harris • Katrin Fox International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Pre-Conference Pacific 2Uli Metzler Language A courses in the DP – Experiences with the new guide America 1Kristina Eckert Learning Assistants Working Group Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergPrisca Chimamiwa • Louise Hart Learning Support Working Group Atlantic 2Susan Axenbeck • Maggie Browne Librarian Working Group Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergElaine Smith • Kevin Miller Math Pre-Conference Asia 2Bryan Landmann Purchasing Working Group BerlinGregor Tsimeropoulos.Manuela Prinz Reframe conflict as positive energy – skills and strategies to embrace Asia 1Fran Prolman School Counsellors Working Group Africa 1Michelle Ang • Kristina Schurzig School Nurses Working Group Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergUta Crisimer • Catherine Macken-Reinirkens Storytelling Techniques in the Language Classroom Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergEmmanuelle Tessier • Linda Lanis • Delinka Fabiny • Victor Gonzalez Teaching/Learning Science Through Modeling Instruction AustraliaSheri Gates. Urska Manners The mindful classroom Atlantic 1Traci Mausolf Voice and Presence: Strengthening your message Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergEugene Collins • Sarah Hübner Works Councils and International Schools Best Western Parkhotel KronsbergAngel Antoranz • Natascha Gaim-Marsoner

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Saturday, January 25

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Sunday, January 26

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