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Professionalism and experience ensure first-class gastronomy
Cooking is not a secret science. You combine a number of ingredients and pprocesses into food and drinks. And if the results taste good and are healthy afterwards, everything is fine.
But when it comes to inspiring hundreds of predominantly young people every day in the morning, at noon and in the evening, things get more difficult. When the highest hygienic requirements, the consideration of nutritionalphysiological findings and countless special wishes due to religious or socio-cultural preferences are added, the wheat is separated from the chaff. And if, finally, requirements such as star gastronomy on the one hand and tight budget limits on the other further restrict the target corridor, really experienced professionals are in demand.
This is exactly why Katerine GmbH specialized in
gastronomy for boarding schools and private schools as early as 1997. Today, with a staff of almost 60, Katerine successfully serves apprentices, teachers and house guests in Germany‘s most prestigious educational institutions.